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Electrodos de PH y sondas de Conductividad

Sondas de Conductividad para Conductivimetros en linea o proceso y laboratorio , electrodos de Ph para proceso Y laboratorio (hand held o portailes, deskmount)


Dimensions 120 mm L x 12 mm Dia
Electrode connectors BNC
Description Epoxy, combination
pH Electrode Yes
ISFET Electrode No
ORP Electrode No
Ion Selective Electrode No
Biological,protein,tris buffer Yes
Pharmaceuticals Yes
Hydroflouric acid No
Low ionic strength/acid rain No
Boiler feed water and distilled water No
wastewater Yes
Drinking water No
Semi solid samples No
Cheese,agar,paper,skin,meat,fruit No
Moist,flat surface No
Test tube No
Micro-volume samples No
Fermentation No
High/rapidly changing temp Yes
pH>9 or high Na+ No
Soil samples Yes
Solutions with heavy metals or sulphides Yes
Non-aqueous samples, solvents,alcohols Yes
Viscous samples,slurries,suspended solids,sludges Yes
Emulsions and oils Yes
Paints and links Yes
General purpose Yes
Electrode configuration Combination
Connection Type BNC
Reference options Sealed
Electrode Junction type Double
Body Diameter 12
Body length 120
Handheld/portable Yes
glass No
Self-cleaning No
Inline/threaded No
Epoxy/polymer Yes
Flow through No
Submersible up to cable No
Applications For rugged general-purpose use, tris buffers, nonaqueous solutions, and Dl water
Grounded No
Max temperature F 176
C 80